About Master Cardona

Master Jhon Cardona has been in the Martial Arts over 20 years. Under the guidance of his mentors, he opened Cardona's Academy in 2014. His goal is to provide strong leadership to his students by leading by example for his students to live a healthy, strong life with confidence, courage, discipline and respect for others.  

Martial Arts Is Our Passion.

Cardona's Academy of the Martial Arts located here in Delray Beach, Florida is dedicated to the success of our students. Close to Boynton Beach, Cardona's Academy offers programs for After School pick up, evening Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and many other fitness programs. We teach ages 5 to adults. 

Owners: Jhon and Giovana Cardona
Staff and Instructors: Charles Cardona, Chris Hofman, and Kevin Guutierrez
Each staff member has gone through a background check and are certified to work in their specific field.  They all enjoy working with children and families. 

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