Adult Martial Arts

Our adult Martial Arts programs give you what you are looking for whether it's self defense, physical fitness or just staying in athletic shape. Our students say their favorite thing about our martial arts classes is that they stay fit while learning real skills that a bad guy can't take from them. Many students are law enforcement, teachers, doctors, lawyers, moms and dads. They all join for different reasons and have different motivations however they all enjoy training together and even get their families involved. We offer Adult Karate, Adult MMA, Adult Grappling classes and Self defense classes to suit your specific needs. 

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Kick Boxing
Adult Martial Arts

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Fitness kickboxing

Are you looking for a calorie burning workout that relieves stress, tones muscles and fights fat? Then stop looking right now. Join us for a FREE class just to try it out and see for yourself why our Kickboxing class is so fun and quickly becoming the most popular way to lose weight and stay in shape. 

After School Programs

Cheer Tumbling

Looking to enhance those tumbling skills or learn how to tumble?  Come by for a free class and experience our award winning tumbling classes.  We teach all tumbling levels in a safe environment.  

Our tumbling coaches are all USASF Certified.   You will learn, with hard work and patience, to become an excellent tumbler.  Tumbling and gymnastics is a major part of cheerleading. We also offer private tumbling lessons, please contact us for rates and scheduling.

Kids Karate Classes

after school martial arts 

Cardona's Academy of Martial Arts offers transportation services where we pick up from your public or private school and transport them directly here to Cardona's Academy. While they are here they will learn , Martial Arts (karate) and/or Gymnastics classes. 

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evening kids karate classes

Cardona's Academy offers one of the only kids karate classes in Delray Beach for ages 5 and up. The main focus of our children's martial arts program is building confidence, courage, courtesy and respect all while teaching them real self defense skills that can be used if their life was ever threatened. 

Here at Cardona's academy we are a BULLY FREE ZONE! Did you know that 4 out of 5 children experience the wrath of a bully at some point during the school year every year.  It creates a very emotionally draining feeling for the victims. If they fight back they get in trouble at school but if they don't they lose all their confidence and can become a target for a long time if not a life time. 

Cardona's Academy of Martial Arts here in Delray Beach believes that all children deserve the right to feel confident about themselves. We know that a strong foundation in the Martial Arts gives the children real confidence that a bully can't take from them plus if a bully tries to harm them physically that they are prepared to defend themselves.